Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Triple B Records Mystery Box

It's been a while since the last post was published, but I have too much work, it's sad. I have some new cool stuff, but I'm going to talk about that later.

Today, what are we given here is the first Triple B Records Mystery Box. Yeah, like Bridge Nine. You pay a few box and you got some random stuff from the record label. It's like a lottery, maybe you got a beautiful Test Press, maybe some stupid shit or common records.

I never had any sort of luck with that kind of stuff... 

The deal with Triple B was : you pay 15 $ and you get some random cool stuff. But, no special edition like Bridge Nine. Because the shipping cost is indecent (30 $ !!!), Triple B had promise some extra stuff for european customers.

Great, the principe is cool and I like mystery box concept, so I spend 45 $ (fuck) and wait.

Last days I received my Box with some excitement. And... Fuck off ! What that shit ?!

Ok, I know this is the deal. It's a lottery with no assurance to get some rare or cool stuff and it seems that Triple B was a little surprise by the big number of order. But, hey, seriously ?

What's in my box ?

Bane - Boston 6:58pm on Clear Green from the second press, this is the more common edition... 200 copies, still available on the label store. I already have this records with this color...

America's Hardcore Compilation Vol. 2 on Clear Blue. Yeah the more common edition, 1050 copies, still available on the store too... Like the Clear Red, more rare.

It's a good record and I had the intend to take it at the occasion, but it's slight.

And... Two tshirts. One (ugly) from Dead End Path, and one (pretty cool) from the label.

And... That's all. Nothing more like stickers or anything else. Just a sheet that explains how many cool stuff were in the (others) box.

Ok, I play the game, I lose, I'm not lucky, I support a really cool record label, ... But hey, 45 $ for these common stuff that Triple B couldn't sell !!!

I never had any chance with Bridge Nine's Box but they give a ton of CD's, stickers and extras with any box.

I'm fuckin disapointed... and a little bit anger.

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