Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Triple B Records Mystery Box

It's been a while since the last post was published, but I have too much work, it's sad. I have some new cool stuff, but I'm going to talk about that later.

Today, what are we given here is the first Triple B Records Mystery Box. Yeah, like Bridge Nine. You pay a few box and you got some random stuff from the record label. It's like a lottery, maybe you got a beautiful Test Press, maybe some stupid shit or common records.

I never had any sort of luck with that kind of stuff... 

The deal with Triple B was : you pay 15 $ and you get some random cool stuff. But, no special edition like Bridge Nine. Because the shipping cost is indecent (30 $ !!!), Triple B had promise some extra stuff for european customers.

Great, the principe is cool and I like mystery box concept, so I spend 45 $ (fuck) and wait.

Last days I received my Box with some excitement. And... Fuck off ! What that shit ?!

Ok, I know this is the deal. It's a lottery with no assurance to get some rare or cool stuff and it seems that Triple B was a little surprise by the big number of order. But, hey, seriously ?

What's in my box ?

Bane - Boston 6:58pm on Clear Green from the second press, this is the more common edition... 200 copies, still available on the label store. I already have this records with this color...

America's Hardcore Compilation Vol. 2 on Clear Blue. Yeah the more common edition, 1050 copies, still available on the store too... Like the Clear Red, more rare.

It's a good record and I had the intend to take it at the occasion, but it's slight.

And... Two tshirts. One (ugly) from Dead End Path, and one (pretty cool) from the label.

And... That's all. Nothing more like stickers or anything else. Just a sheet that explains how many cool stuff were in the (others) box.

Ok, I play the game, I lose, I'm not lucky, I support a really cool record label, ... But hey, 45 $ for these common stuff that Triple B couldn't sell !!!

I never had any chance with Bridge Nine's Box but they give a ton of CD's, stickers and extras with any box.

I'm fuckin disapointed... and a little bit anger.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Effort - Wear Your Heart (All the 3rd Press)

Ok, this is not the most original topic because I spoke about this record in my last post. But there is something new ! I finally put my hand on the Custom Sleeve edition, so I have all the entire third press of Wear Your Heart : two editions ! Yes, two, amazing !

I'm joking but I'm really happy. This edition isn't very rare but I'm closer than ever to complete my vinyl addict mission : get all the variants covers from The Effort's 7".

The third press from Wear Your Heart have two editions but each edition got the same vinyl : Black with blank gold label and big hole.

The first one is the Custom Sleeve edition with a beautiful cheap hand made cover. Limited to 100 copies and handnumbered.

Mine is the n° 19. This edition doesn't have insert with lyrics.

The second one is the classic edition with the classic cover of all the presses. Limited to 100 copies but without number. I have two copies of this edition.

Vinyl is the same than the Custom Sleeve edition.

Like all the other classic editions, lyrics are inside the cover.

I prepare a big (new) post with all my The Effort's 7" !

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Effort | Wear Your Heart (3rd Press)

Hey, just a little message about one of my last acquisition. If you follow a little bit this blog, you probably know : one of my favourite topic is to collect all The Effort's 7" variant covers.

Today this is not one of them, but I bought this stuff for only a few bucks. This is the third (and last) press of Wear Your Heart, the first The Effort production.

Words Of War Records released two editions on black vinyl with gold blank label and big hole : one with the classic cover ad the other with an exclusive variant cover. Each are limited to 100 copies.

I hunt the variant cover since a long time but I never had the chance to take her. So, to consoled myself, I bought the regular edition ah ah !

Nothing cazy, this is the same package than all the other regular edition but vinyl come with a gold blank label and a big hole. Funny.

If you got the variant cover and if you want to sell him, please contact me !

Take a look on all my other The Effort's 7" here.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Keith Richards Overdose | Bambino Boogie

Hey, it's been a while since the last post, but you know : work, dog and other stuff like that.

Today I talk about the last Keith Richards Overdose release. KRO is an amazing band from my city, Marseille (France), who play a fuckin' gorgeous Rock'n Roll. They're really great but very rare on stage.

They only put out a Maxi LP on Scanner Records a few years ago. But, hippy ya, Crapoulet Records released their new 7" two month ago.

New is a big word, because the four songs were registered one year before, on february 2012.

I took that stuff at the release party on february 22th at La Machine à Coudre, the best place to hear some amazing sounds in Marseille. Fuckin' place, fuckin' show and too much decadance.

Bambino Boogie and his psychedelic cover are limited to 300 copies only on Clear Blue vinyl with full blank label.

Crapoulet handnumbered all copies on the inner sleeve.

Mine is the n° 254.

KRO's shows are very rare and almost always cancelled, so if you have the occasion to see them, dont miss the fuzz !

Monday, February 4, 2013

Verse | Rebuild (European Repress & Others)

It's been a long time without new post, but you know : work, work and... work ?! So, let's reload slowly with the brand new european (re)press of the first Verse's album : Rebuild ! And de facto some other old stuff.

When Verse came to Europe in 2008, German label Prügelprinz released the european press of From Anger And Rage in three different editions : regular, Tour edition and Preorder edition. I got the Tour edition, but this is not the topic right now.

Since, Verse split, came back and released a new album in 2012. They also do an European Tour last summer. So, Prügelprinz released the european press of... Rebuild, the first album of the band. Logical.

Like FAAR, the label relesead three different edition : regular, Tour edition and Predorder edition. All the three with the same cover but different vinyls and stamps.

I don't care about collecting all the three different editions, I'm just happy to get one of the two limited. And this time I get the Preorder one.

Like FAAR release, the difference between the two editions is the stamp and the vinyl color : Grey Marble limited to 143 copies with "Verse European Tour" stamp for the European Tour Edition and White limited to 141 copies with "Prügelprinz" stamp for the Preorder edition.

So, I have the Preorder one, on White vinyl, n° 25 of 141.

On this picture you can check the difference between the US release from Rivalry Records : the green is a little more clear (Rivalry on the left, repress on the right). The other little difference is the logo of Prügelprinz on the back cover.

Ok, now let's talk about some oldies editions released by the amazing Rivalry Records ! Like always, I chose to collect only special editions and not any color variations.

First one is the Posi Numbers Fest 2004 edition from the first press. This is the only special edition from this original press (with the Schizo of course).

Limited to 190 copies made especially for the famous Posi Numbers festival on Black vinyl with blank label, because the fest was a few days before the end of the pressing.

The cover is the classic one, but Rivalry stamped the A side with "Verse // Rebuild Posi Numbers Fest 2004 ## / 190" and handnumbered each records.

I got the n° 53.

Rivalry released a second press essentially for the 2005's european tour. 309 copies on Black vinyl with yellow blank label were produced.

First the band used 240 copies of them for the European Tour 2005 edition.

Verse spray painted a blank cover with the Verse's logo and the "Rebuild 2005 European Tour Press" mention.

The back cover is totally blank.

Fun fact, between 10 and 30 covers also have the spray painted Providence Skyline. Of course, I didn't have one.

Then, Verse used the remaining 69 copies for the California Weekend edition with a new alternative cover.

Each copies are handnumbered and have a spray-mounted cover on a blank jacket. They were only available on 02.24.06 at 924 Gilman St. and the Rivalry Showcase #3 on 02.25.06.

I have the n° 62 of 69.

This is a fuckin' great record !!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Have Heart | What Counts (Alternative Covers)

I'm glad because I actually got all alternative covers from Have Heart's EP : What Counts. Ok, there is not that much, but hey this was my goal and I completed that, so I'm fuckin' happy.

There is four different alternative cover of this record and one regular (with navy or black ink). The Test Press also have the regular cover. Last months I talked about some of that stuff when they came to my mailbox, but now my collection is complete, this is the time to make a big page with all the five covers.

Like I say each time, I don't collect every colors variations. I'm only interested by alternative covers and my only goal is to collect all this variations.

So let's begin with the regular cover !

There is two variations of the regular cover : one with "Have Heart" navy print (1st and 2nd Press) and one with "Have Heart" black print (3rd to 5th Press). The difference is very small because the navy print is very dark and looks like the black one. The orange of the cover is also a little more dark on the black version.

Check this picture :

The print on labels are also different ! The labels from the two first press comes with navy print (like the cover), the labels from the third and fourth press comes with black print (like the cover) and the labels from the fifth press comes with navy print (unlike the over). Duh...

I have the Black vinyl from the first press out of 200 copies.So, navy print on cover and label.

Then, this is the Winter Tour 2004-2005 Edition with the famous Calvin & Hobbes cover.

This is the first alternative cover made by Think Fast Records but this is the last I got. This edition come from the second press with the classic Clear Green vinyl, who is the only color avalaible from this press.

200 copies were made. It seems that 160 copies were used with the regular cover and only 40 with the Clavin & Hobbes cover. I'm not sure about the number 40, but a lot of people make a mistake when they say that the Winter Tour Edition is out of 200 copies. Think Fast picked some 7" from the 200 and put the alternative homemade cover on the regular cover.

The homemade paper cover is quality shit, but hey, the design is so cool ! Inside, the regular cover came with navy print like the label. Credits and lyrics are on the insert.

Next, this is the Bonds Of Bro-Ship edition of the third press. 300 handnumbered copies : 150 on Black vinyl and 150 on White vinyl.

I got the White one from Pat Flynn. Yes, I'm so a nerd, but I'm really happy to have a copy directly from the singer's collection.

I got the n° 139 of 150. 

Inside, the regular cover came with black print like the label.

The two last alternative covers come from the 2005's Summer Tour.

First, like the Demo 2003 with the Sub Zero cover, Think Fast made a Scorpion alternative cover for the Sink With Cali Fest III edition. 125 copies on classic Black vinyl with black print on the label from the third press.

I love this shit !

The other one is the Positive Numbers Fest 2005 edition on Clear Red out of 125 copies with an alternative cover from the fourth press.

Fun fact, this pressing supposed to be blue, but the plant sent red instead. Blue copies were sent after the fest with normal cover.

This edition is handnumbered on the back cover. I got the n° 82 of 125.

Don't forget to take a look on my website dedicated to all Have Heart's vinyls !